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House Plans Types
House Plans types help us differentiate and categorize the different and most common house structures available. While some people may interpret some of these differently than others, we are using the types listed to categorize our house plans into house groups.
House Type
House Plans Styles
History has taught us a great deal about house styles, their origin and why these styles exist. But many homes today are a collaboration of styles that overlap or have no style at all, but include some elements of a specific style. Search for the house plan that best fits your needs, then allow us to modify the elevation to fit the style you like.
House Style
House Plans Square Feet
All searches will use a base square feet or MLS square feet. However, you will find we also include Life Style square feet to show the approximate possible or future square feet a house can offer, such as future lower level space and/or porches and decks.
Square Feet
1 2 3 4 5+
0.5 - 1 1.5 - 2
2.5 - 3 3.5+
Master Location
House Plans Detail
If you know the house plan Id you can enter it here for immediate access to the details of a plan. You can also House Plans Sign In sign in and use the customers favorites area to store and access your favorite house plans.
House Plan Id

House Plan Types

House Plan Styles


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